Eric and I were born and raised in Akron, Ohio. We have been residing in Naples, FL since 2001 with our 12 year old son, Landon.

  We have been working in Naples ever since, creating art for residential and commercial projects. In 2004 we began selling our paintings online. With the success of our online business we were eager to open our first gallery ART 41 in 2011. Since then we have been creating our collection of original abstract paintings, and specializing in custom artwork for our Naples collectors. Our Gallery and Studio is currently in the

Naples Art District on J and C Blvd.

As Full-Time, self-taught artists, we

have had our work collected worldwide.  

As a husband and wife team, our close relationship allows us to collaborate on pieces, drawing on the past and present to mold our work. This therapeutic outlet has resulted in some of our best collaborative pieces to date.

 An innate desire to express a feeling or recall a memory through shape and color is what motivates us to paint. Painting gives us the ability to almost think out loud without worry of what is expected or planned.

All of our work comes from a quiet, yet restless place inside. Although our signature pieces are very tranquil in nature, it’s quite the opposite as we’re creating them. With paint carelessly poured on the table, colors

undetermined and brushes flung about.

We use any and everything to create;

over-sized brushes, rags, paper,

palette knives, or anything found lying

around our studio.


Our work is described as contemporary abstract art with mixed media on canvas as the main medium used.